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Gov. Cooper fails to protect North Carolina Elections.

Raleigh, N.C. - Gov. Roy Cooper proved once again that he puts Illegal Aliens above the Citizens of North Carolina, vetoing legislation to remove foreign citizens from our state voting rolls.

Senate Bill 250 would have required the State Board of Elections to check the North Carolina Voter Registration Status of anyone who was disqualified from jury duty because they were not a United States Citizen. If they were on the Voter Rolls they would be removed.

You would think this is Common-Sense and gotta ask yourself why is this not already a policy. What if it was then discovered that they voted? Is that not a crime? I guess Cooper does not care about that.

It is important to note that in 2018 alone nineteen Foreign Nationals were charged with the crime of voting illegally in North Carolina.


Governor Cooper continues to show a lack of respect for the Citizens of North Carolina.

American Elections are for American Citizens and we should always do everything we can to protect that.

If we have illegal aliens on the voter rolls the Government has already failed us. When the Government refuses to take Common-Sense steps to discover them and remove them, they simply don't respect us.

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