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N.C. Democrats Vote to Withhold Emergency Medical Care from Infants

RALEIGH, N.C. - The value of life took a devastating hit today as Democrats in the North Carolina General Assembly voted against providing protections for new born infants who survived an abortion procedure aimed at ending their young lives.

Republicans attempted to override Gov. Roy Cooper's Veto of the Born Alive Survivors Protection Act. The bill would have provided valuable protections for the most vulnerable of North Carolina Citizens (New Born Infants) including making it a felony for a doctor not to provide care for a infant born after a botched abortion, and require other health care professionals to report any such incident.


(Abortion Supporter Gov Roy Cooper)


Republican failed to convince enough Democrats to value and respect all life as the attempt to override the veto failed 67-53 just five votes short.

The bill did not make abortion illegal or place any new restriction on abortion. However, far left Democrats failed to see the difference and demonstrated with their vote today that they believe that Abortions should be legal from conception until birth including after the child takes a breath outside the womb.

Democrats support for all forms of abortion including late term, partial birth and now even what most common-sense Americans consider to be infanticide.

Current Democrat Candidates for President have routinely stated that the right of the mother to have the abortion outweighs the child's ability to survive outside the womb and it should be allowed to be murdered for any reason.

However not all is lost...

In Craven County, NC Supporters of Life have become more active. The Craven County Commissioners recently passed a resolution calling on the General Assembly to override Gov. Cooper's heartless veto.

A new pro-life organization Deliver Life N.C. started by well known local citizen Tyker Gonzales has resulted in Pro-Life Supporters, Churches and other Faith Based Organizations to be more vocal and take a stand for life. The group provides Red Ribbons to display in Citizens Yards, Businesses and Churches to show support for the unborn, reminding us “ALL LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD” Lev. 17:14.

Candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives Eric Queen provided the following statement.

"It is a shame that Democrats failed to show compassion for the most vulnerable among us. The very idea that we even had to debate this is sickening. This bill was never about abortion, it was about protecting the life of a Citizen of North Carolina. Today Democrats failed the oath they took to preserve and protect the Constitutional Rights of all Citizens."

"I am asking all Citizens of Craven County to remember this day when they vote in this current Special Election and in 2020. We must support Citizen Legislators with Common-Sense. If we continue to send the same disconnected swamp creatures back into office we can expect the same pathetic results."

"Make no mistake; as I did when I spoke at the County Commissioners Meeting, I will always support and defend life, without apology or fear or far left extremist."


(Pro-Life, Common-Sense Candidate N.C. House Eric Queen)




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