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Only two states kill more dogs and cats then NC and it needs to stop.

For far too long North Carolina has been among the leading states in the nation for the number of dogs and cats killed in shelters.

According to a study completed in 2018 by the Best Friends Animal Society 55,900 cats and dogs were killed inside North Carolina Animal Shelters.  Only California and Texas kill more animals in shelters than North Carolina.

North Carolina accounts for over 7% of all animals killed in shelters nationwide.

Of the animals that were euthanized in the shelters it is estimated that only approximately 10% were euthanized for humane reasons.

Eric Queen candidate for N.C House in Craven County has made this issue one of his legislative priorities and issued the following statement.

"The communities inside Craven County and across all of North Carolina have been demanding action from their local and state governments on this issue, and for far to long they have been ignored.

There is plenty we can do to reduce these alarming numbers. This includes increasing proven concepts such as Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Programs to address the feral cat population and ensuring other spay and neuter requirements to address over breeding.

Its also important to point out that a majority of the dogs found in shelters are Pit Bulls, Pit Mixes and similar breeds that often times end up in shelters as a result of abuse and neglect.

North Carolina is also a major location for Dog Fighting in this country and we need to give our Law Enforcement Officers the tools necessary to go after the criminals engaged in these activities. There is a direct connection to Animal Abuse and other crimes such as Domestic Violence, Drug Trafficking and even Human Trafficking and this type of activity is definitely not welcome in this state.

I can assure you as the next representative for North Carolina I will proactively address this issue and I will not be deterred by lobbyist or outside groups that care more about making a dollar in domestic animal trade then they do the desires of our neighbors."


Support Eric Queen for N.C. House

(Pictured:  Eric & Carrie Queen, Colonial Capital Hurricane Florence Emergency Shelter)

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