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Eric Queen attends Red4EdNC Event

On Wednesday May 16, 2018, the opening day of the legislative session, educators from across the state traveled to Raleigh to advocate for more funding for public education which is currently below the national average. 

Around 20,000 educators and supporters from across the state marched on the capital city in a event named "March for Students and Rally for Respect".  Many educators also attempted to have meeting with their elected representatives. 

As part of his commitment to always make education priority number one, Eric Queen traveled to Raleigh Wednesday night to meet with educators from Craven County and across the state to learn more about the issues facing our Public Schools and Teachers.

Queen stated that "It is important to understand that these teachers are being portrayed incorrectly by some in the media and certainly by some of our current law makers. The narrative being pushed is that they are only out for more pay and benefits for themselves and that is very, very far from the truth".

Queen further stated "The teachers I met with talked about everything including class sizes, school supplies, standardized testing, text books and more.  If you take the time to listen to them it becomes very clear, very fast that it mostly about providing a quality education to our children."

Queen agreed that although North Carolina has been providing more funding over the last five years that is still inadequate and still below that national average in every metric including per-pupil spending and teacher compensation.  "You don't get to brag about giving raises if the result of those raises still puts you below the national average.  Both Republicans and Democrats are equally to blame for the Education Funding situation we are in.  It will take Republicans and Democrats working together like adults to fix it. We have to put people before party" Queen stated. 

Queen also had the opportunity to meet Red4EdNC Founder and former teacher of the year Angela Scioli and discussed her ideas and concerns with education in North Carolina.  She also informed Queen on what organizers plans were moving forward stating "This is a movement not a moment".  A lot of information is available on the Red4EdNC website.

Queen also reinforced his commitment to be a partner and supporter for educators across the state once elected stating "This is not a Republican verse Democrat issue.  All of our kids attend public schools and it should always be priority number one.  I will put people before party on this and every issue and stand with these educators."

Eric Queen's position on education can be found here. 

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